Writing Tools I Use and Love!

Writing Tools I Use & Love by Emma Apple

Writing tools are probably the most important part of my professional life. As much as I adore my illustration tools, the writing tools are what I use to plan it all out before I even get to the illustrations.

People often ask about the tools I’m using, and which I recommend, so here’s a selection of my very favorites, and how I use them.

5 Of My Favorite Writing Tools


I’ve tried many note-taking apps, Google Drive, Word, Pages, etc. but Evernote has proven to be the one with the simplicity and features that work for me. You can organize your¬†notes into notebooks, it has all the formatting tools you’ll need, and it autosaves as you work. It saves alternate versions if there’s a discrepancy in the saved files, so it’s hard to actually lose your work, which is good! I write everything in Evernote! If you have a favorite you think I should try out, let me know in comments!


My husband suggested Grammarly to me, he uses it to help him with grammar and spelling when typing in English (his second language). I type quickly and am not the best grammatician in the world, so I make a lot of careless mistakes. I rely a lot on autocorrect, and Grammarly is like autocorrect, for Grammar Nazi’s. It’s now installed on my browser and on my macbook, it’s been a huge help!

I rely a lot on autocorrect, and Grammarly is like autocorrect, for Grammar Nazi's! Click To Tweet


Adobe’s professional desktop publishing software. I don’t use InDesign as a writing tool, per se, but when I’m ready to put words and pictures together or to plan the layout of my text, InDesign is where the magic happens. If you’re serious about publishing, InDesign is a must. There are a ton of tutorials out there to get you started, and if you’re familiar with adobe software already, the learning curve isn’t too steep.

Library Card

This one is a given, right? Reading will make you a better writer in every way. All writers should haunt their local libraries, and I’m a frequent visitor to the picture book section at mine. We are fortunate to have a large children’s section with wonderful librarians at our neighborhood library.

Pomodoro Timer App

I have a couple of Pomodoro apps on my phone and one on my laptop. Time management is not my strongest asset, so Pomodoro helps me stay focused and also helps to make sure I’m taking adequate breaks.


What are your favorite writing tools? Give me your recommendations in comments!

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