Owl & Cat Picture Books

Owl & Cat, Muslim picture books help children learn about the concepts of Friendship, Family, and Acceptance, with humor and an appeal that crosses the lines of culture and religion.

Owl & Cat are perfect for multicultural homes, classrooms and libraries.

Owl & Cat: Ramadan Is...

Owl Cat: Ramadan Is... by Emma Apple

Paperback  Hardcover

Owl & Cat: Ramadan Is… follows Owl & Cat, and their family and friends as they celebrate the 30 days of the Islamic month of fasting. They learn that Ramadan is about patience, prayer, kindness and many wonderful traditions!

Owl & Cat: Islam Is...

Owl & Cat: Islam Is... by Emma Apple

Paperback  Hardcover

Owl & Cat: Islam Is… teaches kids about the daily life and beliefs of Muslims in a lighthearted way. They learn that Islam is a way of life that teaches generosity, prayer and tolerance!

Owl & Cat: Family Is...

Owl & Cat: Family Is.... picture book by Emma Apple


Owl & Cat: Family Is… celebrates family. Growing up, growing pains, and leaving the nest. Whether family you’re born with, or family you’re blessed with… family is special.

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