I get a lot of messages and questions and many of them are the same, it’s difficult to reply to all of them, so here are some answers to my most frequently asked questions.

How do I buy wholesale?

For this one, we do want you to send us an email from our contact page and we’ll respond with wholesale details.

How do I publish my book? Can you give me advice?

This is a huge question and the answer will be different for everyone, and I don’t usually have time to answer this unfortunately. I hope to do a write up with my advice sometime in the near future – inshaAllah – for now though, I recommend googling your question and checking out SCBWI.

Will you illustrate my book?

Unfortunately, I don’t provide illustration services.

Will you design a logo for me?

Generally, unless I have it advertised on my homepage as a service I’m offering, the answer to this is no as well.