The Children’s First Questions Series

Answering Children’s Questions about God using Scientific Facts and Authentic Islamic Sources.

The Children’s First Questions Series is written according to Qur’an and Sunnah and does not describe Allah in any physical way.

How Big Is Allah? Emma Apple

How Big Is Allah?

Embark on a journey of size and discovery through the cosmos and use astronomy and the natural world to better understand Allah.

Also in Arabic!

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How Does Allah Look? Emma Apple

How Does Allah Look?

Take a closer look at planet Earth to learn about how much and how little we really know and the limits of our senses.

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Where Is Allah?

Where Is Allah?

Discover how you know where you are in the universe and why you can’t measure where Allah is the same way.

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Is Allah Real? Children's First Questions by Emma Apple

Is Allah Real?

Find the divine balance, and common patterns in nature that allow us to see proof of Allah and strengthen our faith.

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Look behind the scenes at the publishing process.


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